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User Stories

A few ways companies are using Surveyor to improve their business

Surveyor survey Care Provider

Salus Homecare

Uses Surveyor for Salesforce tor improve patient care provided by their 800+ in-home employees.

Customer Care: they gather timely feedback from customers regarding care received

Care Providers: During Covid-19 they automated weekly outreach to capture employee test results to validate they were able to provide care. 



Uses Surveyor to automate their game developer registration process. Developers begin the onboarding process with by completing a Surveyor survey with information about themselves, games developed and success on other platforms.


Catch Marketplace

Catch uses Surveyor in a more traditional sense by sending out CSAT surveys following support case closure in Salesforce.

Catch sends thousands of surveys each month with automated processes to identify and communicate negative feedback to the appropriate person or group.

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