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Find the features of the latest Surveyor Releases and User Guide

Surveyor Quick Start

Install Surveyor directly into your Salesforce Org

  1. Click on the button to install in Production or a Sandbox

  2. You'll be prompted to log into the Salesforce org

  3. Follow the steps below to complete the installation


NOTE: Surveyor provides access to all Salesforce users.


User Permission Sets

Grant your user the Surveyor Permission Sets


Setup >> Users >> [Find yourself]

  1. Scroll down to Permission Sets

  2. Add the following:

    • Survey Creator​

    • Surveyor: Create/Manage

    • Surveyor: Recipient

    • Surveyor: Send

    • Surveyor: View


Surveyor Setup Tool

Browse to the Surveyor Setup Tool to complete the setup requirements.


Surveyor uses a Salesforce Site for the surveys to be completed and the Survey Setup Tool completes the setup and configuration of this Site.

Click each button to complete the step:

  1. Create Remote Site

  2. Create Surveyor Site

  3. Configure Surveyor Site

  4. Configure Recipient Permissions

  5. Configure Sharing Rules

  6. Verify Configuration


Lightning Page Editor

Contact "Send Survey" Lightning Action

Surveyor includes Lightning Components for the Contact, Lead and Account objects.

Surveyor In-App allows employee surveys by popping a survey request on the schedule defined in the Component Config.

Surveyor Score provides a visual display of the Contact or Lead's survey responses: NPS, CSAT, CES and Spotlight responses.

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