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Survey. Learn. Improve.

Improve customer relationships by automatically providing customer feedback to your front line team (CSR's, Sales, Marketing, etc.).

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability

Better Collaboration

To improve your customer's experience, you first need to know it.

Create beautiful surveys in Salesforce to gather real-time feedback on CSAT, NPS, CES or any other survey metric you need.

Send surveys manually from a Case, Contact, Lead, etc.

Send surveys automatically from ANY action in Salesforce.

Capture responses immediately in Salesforce and make them available to your team.


Surveyor Features

Surveyor provides "best in class" survey functionality within Build automated outreach and feedback into your sales, support or customized process.

Net Promoter Score

Gathering customer feedback is only the beginning. Provide employees with real-time visibility to customer experience and their overall view of your organization.

Customer Satisfaction

Get straight to the issues that matter to customers and turn every customer interaction into meaningful insight.

Engage Employees

Understand every experience that matters to your employees and automatically deliver real-time insights to management so they can take action.

Real-time Response Access

Survey results are immediately available in Salesforce and can trigger automated actions based on the response. No more to need to pay for integrating survey results into Salesforce.

Surveyor is a native Salesforce Solution

Securely create and  send beautiful surveys from ANY action in Salesforce. Relate survey responses to ANY record in Salesforce. Manage and view survey results from the Contact, Lead, Case, etc. record.  



File Sharing

Total Design

Trusted By Companies of all shapes and sizes

Companies from around the world and across the spectrum of industries are using Surveyor to connect with customers, learn from their experience and improve customer relationships.


What Our Clients Say

“I love getting immediate feedback on employee performance when a negative survey is received (it pings the CEO).”

Boad S.,

“Surveyor identifies our satisfied customers and guides them to leave online reviews - we don't spend a dime on SEO and still rate in the top 3 local results.”

Mark M., Operations

“The support we receive is second to none. They listen to us - our requests have actually made it into Surveyor releases!”

Mary M.,
Salesforce Admin

Create, manage, send and view survey responses from within Salesforce

Send up to 100 surveys for free:

Unlimited survey templates

Unlimited users with access to responses

  • Free

    Full functionality / Unlimited Users. Up to 50 surveys/month.
    Free Plan
    • 50 Surveys per month
    • Unlimited users (visibility to survey data)
    • Survey Types (Standard, One-Page, Post Chat, Lead Gen)
    • Custom Invitation with followup reminders
    • Send surveys manually
    • Send surveys automatically
    • Send surveys en masse
    • Survey completion notifications
    • Survey question logic (branching)
    • Send surveys via email
    • Standard Customer Support
    • Survey responses immediately available in Salesforce
    • Survey responses related to survey responder

Build client feedback into your organization with Surveyor for